Mombasa MozCafe

Joseph Bosire


On 12th April 2013, the Mozilla Mombasa Community had their first MozCafe meet up at the splendid Cafe Aroma. The scrumptious coffee and yummy cookies was just more than enough to get us started.Guess what? 15 people from different universities who are the leads of different IT clubs in Mombasa attended the meet-up.

We mainly discussed about the past and future events of the Mozilla Mombasa community specifically highlighting the HTML5 Hackathon and Firefox Flicks event. The meeting started off with the attendants giving brief introductions about themselves, what they do and their views about the Mozilla Mombasa Community. We also discussed about the various challenges facing most students when it comes to tech related events and projects and yes this was really interesting…so, the conclusion was, many think “Mozilla is just the browser” and “coding is difficult, it’s only for the professional programmers”And that is why we were there to discuss on ways to motivate people and encourage them to actively participate on development and also further establish the growth of the community.

Said Fuad and Alifiyah Ganijee warmly welcomed 4 new recruits to the Community who have been actively participating in the planning and organizing of events; Musa Alfan, Andrew Mwangi, Taqqiya Hamada and Zahra Jalalkhan…Keep it up guys!

…HTML5 Hackathon and Firefox Flicks was the next and most interesting part of the agenda, we brainstormed for ideas on making these events really successful and planned for dates and venues to host them.And we could not just end the meeting without mentioning the Mozilla’s 15th Anniversary party, well yeah, I personally can’t wait for it, this will be a mega party of the two most active and vibrant sub communities of Mozilla Kenya; The Mozilla Community in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Lastly, we also emphasized the use of our social network channels and the importance of keeping them alive…and yes, please do join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter

Some of the attendants suggested that we should have a token of appreciation (Could be a Certificate, a phone, a T-shirt or even a round of applause) for the team/person that develops the best App for the Firefox OS …Around 4 members of the Mozilla Mombasa Community are working on their apps, interestingly keeping it a secret between their groups so as to motivate each other to produce the best apps, let’s wait for results…

In a nutshell, the day couldn’t have been any better, everything was just WOW!

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