13th Sep Nairobi Mozcoffee (The Debonair Affair)

kelvin munene


Saturday afternoon and the turnout was great .The Mozilla meeting began with a bang, no rx and off course, pilule a slice of the Debonair pizza. Who could resist? Truth be told, ailment the pizza incentive was a good start to the Month of September but in as much as it was on the table, so was the agenda of the day.

For those who missed out on the meeting, the list looked like this:
• Web Maker Training updates and NairoBits
• JamLab Progress
• Marker party
• Kisumu Community Development Updates
• Brainstorm on new ideas
• FSA Program
• Localization

The Inside scope
NairoBits agreed to partner with MozillaKE on the Web maker training program that seeks to widen our reach in the community. With a vast community presence rivaling our own, it was seen as a step up idea and a good avenue to introduce the community to Web Maker tools. Previous Meet ups saw us discuss the importance of collaborating with the surrounding community. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. 2 birds 1 stone
The Jam Lab idea is still in progress as Alex sent out an email expressing our desire to partner with them concerning Mozilla web development tools. In order to fully dive in the spirit of collaboration, we discussed the need to come up with content useful for the web maker training exercise .Additionally, we had to identify contributors willing to volunteer fully and take on Mozilla Program that involve organizing of events and trainings. Follow up events will be necessary upon the completion of each planned event.
In regard to the Maseno Web maker party to be hosted by our very own Newton, a budding FSA, MozillaKe contributors in Nairobi offered to provide support on the upcoming event. Mozilla contributors who agreed to attend included Steve, Kev, Maryanne, Eugene and Vicky Alex made an important point about the growth of MozillaKe stating that each individual has the capacity to make direct contribution to the community.
Steve gave us an update on Mozilla Localization Project providing submission rights to any Mozilla contributor interested in being part of the admin. In order to prevent delayed development of this particular project, that any contributor with submission rights can push the code for scrutiny by all members.
Debonair affair
On a lighter Note
As a random act of kindness, members attending the meet-up gave support to a young boy in need of medical assistance. In conclusion, “We must remember that one determined person can make a significant difference and that a small group of determined people can change the course of history” Sonia Johnson

  • http://www.fagenius.com/ fabian kithusi

    Such a great event it was , the bond is growing by day , hope we be an example to be looked upon , .. and as always i cant wait for the next one

  • Stephen Wathika

    Glad to be part of this community. Keeping the web open.

  • Chris Jenkins