Kabarak Open Day

Joseph Bosire


The Kabarak Open Day was a full day event on 24th September that Kabarak university’s Computer science and IT students attended to learn and hear from various industry players such Mozilla.

Essentially we delivered the following as per their expectations:

  1. A thorough exposition of the resources available from Mozilla to student contributors
  2. Possible collaborations with the university
  3. Opportunities available for students in terms of industrial attachments and projects.

Wikimedia Kenya (wmke) was also invited and we decided to plan our presence here together. The integration (between mozkenya and wmke) worked well; a bit beyond my expectations actually!

We were in constant chats with Steve (wmke) over logistics and the event organizers over the schedule. Steve and Vicky – Steve’s version in Mozilla Kenya :) – came in handy with their knwoledge on Nakuru.

We got to Kabarak uni around 10:30 am and setup a booth. Most of the students were in the auditorium at this time listening to the presentations from various speakers. Notable ones were from Wikimedia Kenya, Google Kenya and ofcourse Mozilla Kenya. Ours particularly aimed at engaging the students in the current projects we are undertaking or plan to do so in the near futre. These included: MoJo, Hackasaurus, P2PU School of webcraft, ReMo, Student Reps program, Drumbeat and Firefox addon  dev workshops

Vicky had the crowds at the booth eating of his hands :) and believe me, there were crowds! Our booths are massive crowd pullers; even other booths visit us :) we should put up strategies around this to better engage people.

The university has a young but very active journalism club and we hope to engage them in MoJo activities in the near future. Great contacts were made so keep on the lookout for Mozilla in Kabarak.

You can find more pics here: Kabarak Open day


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