Wikimania Days 2 – 3

Joseph Bosire


Days 2 and 3 ie Tuesday and Wednesday were developer days with most talks and sessions revolving around development of different software and platforms that supported Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. I got to meet the local Mozilla team (Amir and Tomer) as well as Pierros and Nikos from Greece Tuesday morning. Since the whole team wasn’t there and the main conference hadn’t began, we settled on having Mozillians attend various sessions for the two days.

During the developer days, I attended the Global south Meeting, Openzim Meeting and Chapters meeting which revolved around Wikimedia projects that I’m involved in. While doing so, I got to meet with great Wikimedians – Jessie wild, Asaf Bartov, Rich Farmbrough, Emmanuel (Kiwix programmer) that would be a huge part of the great experience I had for the rest of the conference.

Wednesday evening, we had an early comers party over at the Titan college – spectacular view, food and drinks, music and of course awesome people! Got a glimpse of what it’s like partying with Brazillians :) more info to come on the party….

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