16 August MozCoffee Nairobi

Ednah Kiome


A Saturday afternoon and again it’s time to catch up as Mozilla Kenya community. We all gathered at the Steers along Muindi Mbingu. The members who arrived early had a chit chat as we awaited the rest of the members to get there.

Mozilla Kenya community

Mozilla Kenya community


The Agenda for the meeting was as follows:

  • Community members to catch up
  • Web Maker party
  • Recruitment of new Mozillians
  • Developers engagement-(Nairobi devs school)
  • L10n
  • Web Maker for high school (proposed by Simeon)
  •  Running sessions for MozCamp Tunisia https://wiki.mozilla.org/MozCamps_2014#Grow_Tunisia
  • Using Pursuitery (formerly HOMAGO) to run online sessions (Geekouts) & follow-up challenges
  •  Brainstorm on new ideas

The members noted that we do not need to have a big web maker event, one can teach the web anywhere and to anyone including the children on holiday within the estates where we reside. Meanwhile Newton Mawira who is a Firefox student ambassador with the help of the Mozilla Kenya community members will hold a Webmaker event in October at Maseno University.

On recruitment of new Mozillians, it was proposed that we focus on the students in the university and ensure the existing Mozillians mentor the recruited Mozillians to ensure they understand the core values and vision of Mozilla and ways in which they can contribute.

Women & Mozilla

Women & Mozilla


The members who are involved in different project gave feedback and progress of the various project:

  • L10N-Steve Wanjau. There are Firefox OS bugs which need to be fixed. Some of the members who have tried to fix the bugs were not successful. Steve clarified that while translating, we ensure that the strings don’t have spaces at the end, as this will fail validation. Members decided to have monthly meet ups to translate new strings. Steve was tasked to host a geekout on Pursuitery to do some translations
  • On Vicky and Cliff who had been tasked on talking to Nairobi devs school regarding partnering with them so that we can hold events and help teach the web. Vicky informed the members that he is yet to get feedback however he was going to follow up on it.
  • Alex was also tasked to follow up with Simeon who had suggested that we have web maker events for high school students.

Hezron was to organize a session on Pursuitery on Friday 22 to show members how to create geekout and challenges in Pursuitery.

As the event was coming to a close we didn’t forget to take selfies, enjoy pizza and look forward to the pursuitery hangout the coming Friday.
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  • fabian kithusi

    This was a Great event, hope we have more like this in the near future..

    • Ednah Kiome

      Cant wait for the next one Fabs

  • Sylvan D Ash

    Let’s psyche up the community (^_^)/

    • Ednah Kiome

      In agreement Ash

  • Ogendi Jacob

    How you recruit new members