Brenda Nyokabi


This Month is off to a great start with the  Mozcoffee  that took place on the 5th of July at Steers  prior to the anticipated  MozFestEA  happening in Uganda. As expected , prostate Mozilla Kenya  came together to discuss their contribution to this amazing event. Of course, try being the First Mozcoffee  in weeks  ,we had a variety of issues to address . However, the  purpose of the meet was to focus on the two most important agendas of the day: The Maker party and the MozFestEA2014


First Things First

Since the aim of the Maker  party is to teach the web  around the  Kenyan community, our first task was to identify  our type of audience .This, we concluded  will include any  interested persons ,schools and organizations. Given the different  audiences  we anticipate  in the program ,we sought out different ways to reach  them. One major idea was to partner with organizations in and around Nairobi such as Nairobi Dev School and NairoBits. As seen in previous  endeavors ,forming partnerships with  organizations that share the same goal can make any program stronger and better known in the community. Creating online activities to target  online audience will ensure the online community participates in the Maker Party. This will require use of online platforms such as HOMAGO; where we will create an online  teaching  network.

Who takes what

The Planning process for the maker party involved delegation of activities to different MozReps

  • Organizing Online activities (HOMAGO) – Hezzi
  • Partnership with Nairobi Dev School – Ash
  • Partnership with NAIROBITS – Cliff & Vicky
  • Mozilla Blogger – Brie


Regarding the most anticipated event in East Africa, the Mozilla Kenya  community expressed its enthusiasm  to  help out with some of the Mozilla Reps  taking notable  sessions during the three day event. The  Mozilla Kenya community in Uganda  will be represented by  Ash, Vicky Cliff, Boss, Steve and Brie. As such ,different reps were  required to choose a topic to talk about. The sessions in the program include:

  • Firefox OS Marketplace – Vicky
  • Firefox OS Development -Vicky
  • BUGZILLA – Alex
  • Tips on Building JavaScript Apps – Hezzi, Boss
  • Introduction to Gaming  – Ash
  • WebMaker – Cliff
  • MVC  Vs Traditional Coding Methods – Hezzi, Boss
  • Q&A – Alex
  • Army of Awesome – Steve
  •  L10n – Steve

In-house matters

It was noted there was a lack of initiative to follow through with planned Mozilla events. This being the key factor in ensuring successful  participation, it was decided that frequent Mozcoffee  meet ups will be held  once a month to keep track of the Mozilla events and contribution. Additionally, a team was set up to discuss better ways to revive the community spirit by coming up with a  better approach to organizing Mozilla events. Subsequently, Mozilla Kenya will be required to recruit new enthusiasts to its cause. This task was assigned to Brie

Overall, the meet up was successful with all major issues being addressed fully. My only hope is that the next meeting will have  more members showing up …..we could use more great minds




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